Overview of the assessment of emissions in dieper

Overview of the assessment of emissions in dieper

dieper yields to reduce fuel consumption, Euro 6 regulated emissions as well as PN >10nm for two Diesel-driven vehicles. The emission targets are clearly defined in terms of absolute values. The testing conditions for the assessment of the vehicles were discussed and defined in WP7 in order to have representative cycles as well as representative boundaries.

For RDE measurements, drives on an illustrative route in the surrounding of Graz were recorded with the two baseline vehicles. With this data specific drives (30-min RDE) could have been defined, which can be operated on the chassis dynamometer. These 30-min RDE drives and the WLTP were measured with the baseline and will be assessed with the demonstrator at project end. Additionally, on-road tests will be carried out with the demonstrator vehicles and RDE will be measured with PEMS.In the following table the described measurements are given, further the emissions to be measured are stated as appropriate.

The following figure shows the time- and distance-ratios for the 90-min on-road measurements as well as for the 30-min RDE cycles. The shortened 30-min cycle was created on a time-based split  by  one-third  for  urban,  road  and  motorway  to  have  a  sufficient  long  part  for  all  three  sections  in  this shortened track. With this method RDE-testing can be applied to the test bench in a cycle time manageable for all test bed measurement devices. Herewith, urban, rural as well as motorway parts are considered in a fair and long enough time range.

All baseline measurements are finished and after an interim evaluation of the procedures, the demonstrators will be tested by the end of the project in the introduced way.

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